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Summer 2000


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Italy, Austria, France

Neil and Lorie Khatod in Georgia

This summer was extremely busy. I spent May and June in the field in Germany, but once I got home, we began traveling. Lorie and I traveled to Austria and Italy. While in Italy, we visited an old friend--Chris Pyle who lives in Northern Italy. From there we visited Venice, Florence, Rome, Pisa, and the beautiful Italian coastline. We stayed in tres chic Forte De Marmi. Once there, an old friend, Kevin Smith just showed up at our hotel.
Later that summer, we were blessed with the Powell family's visit. Carol, Ralph, and Sharon visited with us for two weeks. During that time we went to the Eagle's nest in Burchesgarden; Germany, Salzburg, Austria (birthplace of Mozart); and Paris, France. Not to mention several local German towns.
This traveling made the summer fly by. Now the weather is not so good, but ski season is just around the corner.


On Top of the Arch de Triumph!


Lorie and I ready to do battle at the Roman Coliseum!


Sunset from Forte De Marmi.


Kevin and I in Florence's Medici Palace


Powells in Paris, Ooh, La, La!!

Special Thankyou to Chris Pyle.