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Neil and Lorie Khatod in Georgia
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It has been a long time since we updated our site, and since our last update almost everything has changed.  First, as the title denotes, we are back close to home in the U.S.  Please take a closer look to see the other changes.  I hope to hear from you., and thank you for visiting.


Dear Family and Friends,

We are both happy to be back in the United States.  Although leaving Germany meant leaving many dear freinds in Schweinfurt, we look forward to catching up with freinds and family whom we have missed over the last four years.
Lorie and I have moved into a quite large house on an exclusive golf course here in Augusta.  No not the master's course, but we do have a lovely view of the 18th green.  Anyway, our house is way too large for just the two of us, so once our furniture comes, we look forward to your visit.
  Currently, at work, I am in research and development at the Army's Signal Center.  Lorie is teaching some classes to soldiers on financial readiness as she looks for a job similar to her Human Resource Manager job in Germany.  
  Just prior to returning to the US, we took a week long cruise on a 51 foot sailboat through the Ionian Sea.  Starting in Corfu, Lorie, the ship Captain, and I went around many small islands surrounding Greece.  It was quite beautiful with underwater caves and small villages.  Soon I hope to post the pictures.  As we settle into our house, the memories of this trip will have to tide our traveling urge, at least for the short term.  
We hope to see you soon,

Neil and Lorie

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Lorie and Pam in Turkey

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Me and Lorie in Mainberg Castle

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Lorie in Venice

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